It’s not all about parties at The Village.  Sometimes you just want to play a high adrenalin combat game or two.  This is laser tag for the 21st century with a purpose built urban battleground arena and top of the range weapon simulations.

You can just turn up to play, but to be sure of your space, book in on-line or give us a call on 01623 645134.

1 hr Laser TagMonday – Friday£6.00 per person
1 hr Laser TagSaturday & Sunday£11.50 per person

Laser Tag Games

Team Death Match

The object of this laser combat games is to shoot as many of the other team as possible. Simple but great fun!

Capture the Flag

A twist on the classic paintball game, flags are hidden all around the arena, simply retrieve more flags than the other team before the time runs out. Not as easy as it sounds, as each team can only return their team coloured flags back to their base, some are in enemy territory.

Laser Combat
Laser Combat
Laser Combat